The Goods...

Did you see something at a Tournament that you wanted,or found out later that you needed?

Here is your chance.

Window Decals

We can do custom decals. Contact us

Window Decals

Stocking Caps.

New 2017-18 styles coming soon

Stocking Hats

 Key Chains
The backs are black, and blank ready for engraving

Wrestling - Gear, Bag Tag

Key Chains & Bag Tag


We now have over 19 different styles to chose from.

Places, Patriotic, Standard

Award Ribbons

Sneaker Balls

This is a unique way to finally deodorize your wrestling bags, Shoes, Lockers, even the Car & and more.

These little deodorizers eliminate odor and look good while doing so.

They come in different  thens. (while they last)

2-Pack $6.00 or a 6-Pack $15.00

Dog Tag

Dog Tags w/ 30" Chain
Engrave Front = (F) Back = (B)

This Wrestling "Dog Tag" features head gear and shoes in the lower corner and comes with a 30" ball chain.

You can have your name engraved on the front and just about anything engraved on the back.

Example ( Wildcats Wrestling Club)

(I will do my best to make it fit).  


Scrapbook Paper & Materials

#1 - Paper
#2 - Paper
#3 - Paper
#4 - Paper
#5 - Paper
#6 - Paper
#7 Lazer cut out
#8 Lazer cut out
#9 Lazer cut out
#10 Lazer cut out
#11 Stickers
#12 Stickers
#13 Sticker
#14 Sticker

#15 Stickers/ Buttons 
#16 Stickers/Buttons
#17 Buttons

We are your Wrestling Scrapbook Connection...

Not all items that we sale are pictured. If by chance what you wanted is not pictured. Feel free to call or email us with the description of the item and we'll do our best to get it for you. That is what makes us different from anyone else. Supplies are while they last.


Matside Nebraska also offers Awards.

We offer custom Ribbons, Medals, Trophies as well as Plaques.

We also have the "MONSTER" Trophies that kids love.

We can also help with your tournament needs:

Trophies, Medals, Plaques & other Awards.

Contact us for all your Award needs.


This is our latest Medal and was a hit in 2017-18


Wrestling may be Man's Toughest Sport next to the "Rodeo"

but, we still can't get the Bull to Comment.